Review: Mutual Mentoring Guide

Mutual Mentoring Guide

Mary Deane Sorcinelli and Jung H. Yun

Retrieved from the Mentoring Resources page of the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development, University of Massachusetts, Amherst,

Review by Julie Timmermans, Instructional Developer, University of Waterloo

Mary Deane Sorcinelli has made significant contributions to the literature on mentoring.  In this very practical guide, “Mutual Mentoring” is presented as an alternative to traditional one-on-one mentoring models.  The Mutual Mentoring model draws on research on professional development that advocates for “flexible approaches to mentoring,” in which people work with “networks” or “constellations” of mentors (p. 3).  Guidance in the following areas is provided:
  • Roles and characteristics of mentors and mentees
  • Suggested questions mentees may ask their mentoring partners in the areas of teaching, research, and service
  • Activities mentors may do with mentees
  • Suggestions for departmental leaders related to establishing a culture of mentoring and mentoring programs


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