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Fall 2008

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Website Review:

Learning Styles, Hawai'i Pacific University

STLHE Conference Reflection:
Learning From Students

Website Review
Learning Styles, Hawai'i Pacific University
Submitted by Linda B. Nilson, Ph.D., Director, Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation,
Clemson University

This site was designed with two user groups in mind: instructors and students. It explains to students what a learning style (or learning strength) is and how knowing about theirs can help them learn more efficiently, especially if they integrate the results of at least three instruments. The site also advises instructors to encourage students to complete some learning-style instruments, as well as to identify their own teaching strengths and vary their teaching methods to appeal to the different kinds of learners. Access is available to a several free instruments on the Web, each based on a different learning style schema with a simple instrument that identifies a person's learning-style profile within minutes. Among those linked are Richard Felder's 44-item questionnaire, the 16-item VARK instrument, two longer questionnaires associated with modified versions of the VARK framework, a seven-style assessment instrument, and other sites with still more free instruments and pedagogical resources.

Educational developers will find this site helpful in researching and developing a learning-style workshops for faculty, one that brings in a variety of schema. This site is also a good general reference resource for faculty.

Keywords: learning styles, learning strengths

STLHE Conference Reflection

Learning From Students
Or http://www.tag.ubc.ca/resources/tapestry/
Under “about or by students”, click on Learning from Students
Alice Cassidy, Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (TAG), University of British Columbia


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