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Announcement: The Online Book Club is Starting!

Hello everyone!

I've created a group on Good Reads called "EDC Online Book Club" to get the online book club started. There are many online book clubs using Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter but I was unsure how many members would want to use their personal social media accounts for professional engagements - we can revisit this if a Facebook group or something else would work better for the online book club, but to get us started let's use Good Reads.

Here is what the Good Reads group page looks like: 

You can find the group page using the search bar at the top of the Good Reads page. 

I figured for our first online book club, I'd pick an open source book that has a lot of buzz - An Urgency of Teachers: The Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy by Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel. 

Summary from "Too many approaches to teaching with technology are instrumental at best, devoid of heart and soul at worst. The role of the teacher is made impersonal and …

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