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Call for Reviewers!!! Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom Resource List

In the spring, the EDC Resource Review blog asked members to vote on one of three themes to be showcased in our fall resource review. The winning theme for this fall is "Diversity and inclusion in the classroom - creating global citizens". 

We need some reviewers! Please review the list of resources below. If you are interested in reviewing one (or more) of these resources, please email to let Mel know which resource you'd like to review. Please have your review submitted to Mel by December 30th, 2018. 

Here is a list of fabulous resources that discuss diversity and inclusion in post-secondary education. If the resource has a strike through its text, that means someone has already agreed to review the content.


Carroll, J. & Ryan, J. (2005). Teaching international students: improving learning for all. London, UK: Routledge. *** full eText available through EBSCOhost

Castaneda, C. R. (2004) Teaching and learning in diverse classrooms: facu…

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